It is the first GPS Tracker tracking and tracking device that is SPECIAL designed to cover solely the tracking and tracking of beehives.
    Its specialized design is the ultimate guarantee, as its functions fully meet the specific needs and requirements of your apiary.WHAT ALERTBEE DIVERSES FROM TRACKER BICYCLES:
    Choices in tracker devices that are commercially available are available at a variety of (attractive or not) market prices, but fail to provide the security and autonomy they promise. Most require for their operation to renew the talk time and to activate sms programs almost every month (so important extra cost, in cash, time and anxiety if you take into account the amount of devices needed).

    In addition, they may at any time block and stop working without notice. So in essence, the user can never be sure that his devices work normally unless he goes to check them on the spot.
    So he risks being left uncovered in the event of a crash that was not realized in time …!

    The dedicated AlertBee device has autonomy for up to 20 months. The sim card and the low cost of its prepaid subscription permanently relieve you of card renewal anxiety.

    it is connected to a specially configured platform, in which the web application provides you with the total SUPERVISION of your beehives from the laptop at all times and the Mobile App on your mobile.

    So you have access to and know at all times and with 100% security:

    – the temperature and humidity values ​​of the bee
    – the precise location of the beehive
    – status of each installed device (if active and in continuous mode)
    – the history of the last 3 years for all the temperature, humidity and position values ​​recorded on the platform

    Furthermore :
    -Do notify the platform when the device’s battery is low

    -You receive notification by email and sms if the cell is moved from the delimited area
    (it is worth noting that unlike common trackers that often break up with “false alarms,” ​​our platform performs special filtering to minimize this possibility)

    – If your cell moves, you are tracking through our platform real-time live tracking,

    – If the platform fails to receive signals from the device for a predetermined interval, it alerts you to check for a possible violation (removal, theft, etc.).

    The device is safe for bees as it emits for 2 seconds every 24 hours if a 24-hour reference has been selected, enabling the transmission to be only a violation of the geo-reflection by zeroing the electromagnetic radiation in normal conditions and increasing the device’s autonomy by up to 30 months !

    Platform Testing Account:

    Electronic address: demo

    Password: demo

    Download our Alertbee app on Google Playstore.

  • 3 AA batteries
  • Autonomy  up to 18 months !!
  • Motion sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Moisture sensor
  • Platform for data monitoring and management
  • Support sms.
  • 68x115x22 mm
  • sim card of global coverage.


WHY “AlertBee®”?

✔ It is entirely made with materials from Farnell and Mouser, two of the leading electronics equipment suppliers.

✔ Global coverage sim card. Roaming 160 countries and 240 mobile phone operators. By minimizing the case of poor reception in the field
✔You do not need to buy a sim card and refresh it every month. The card is provided by us at our own expense.

✔It is supported by the Microchip processor.

✔It has an Antenova + 3dbi Gsm quality antenna and a passive Gps + 1dbi quality passive antenna

✔The assembly of the board becomes robotic.

✔It has a 3 year warranty !!

✔It is a 100% designed product from our team.

✔ It’s 100% designed code from our team.

✔ It is a 100% designed platform from our team.

✔It is a 100% Greek product.

✔We offer you full support and service.
✔We have an Open Contact Line, 09: 00-21: 00
✔You can find us at a physical store manufacturing and marketing telemetric scales and Gps-Tracker devices.
✔You will receive from us the legal invoice.