The company “Melissozygaria” was founded in 2017 and has set as its main target the manufacturing and selling of the telematics, electronic scales”Melissozygaria”.

The company’s strategy lies in the constant improvement of the manufactured products since we hold the expertise and the experience to be an innovative company in the field of telematics, combining the new technology with the art and the good taste of the bee keeper. We have new, modern facilities while the procedure of research&development is the DNA code that characterizes us.

Our expertized staff possess the appropriate certificates for the use of the raw material of the beescales and have been set procedures and quality standards for all the points of production which are comparable to those of laboratories established abroad.

Our main target is the customer’s satisfaction in all the spectrum of the service. From the order to the parameterization satisfying any of your wishes but also the technical support after the purchase.

The telematics electronic beescales consists an important and valuable tool at the disposal of the beekeeper. The collection of important information for the hive, the real time information of the bee hiver and the possibility given for a remote control of the beehives as well form an innovative set of tools given to each and every beekeeper. A useful and original tool which will render the producer able to improve the productive procedure through the use of new technology and increase the production at the same time.

The quality procedure set, the high standards of the raw material coupled with the long hands-on experience of our employees are all reflected in the beescales.

The production, the assembling and the parameterization of the beescales take place in our new and modern lab of our company. The facilities are located in 101, Nikopoleos str. In Ioannina and you are welcome to visit us in order to witness the high quality productive process and to follow a real time demonstration of the beescales.

The company’s formation is the result of the long term experience of its members as well as the quality standards which are set. Our company consists of the laboratory, the show room and the administration spaces.

The laboratory houses the designing and the manufacturing of the beescales. It is the exact place where you can design the beescales with all its functions according to your personal design since you are given the possibility to choose the functions of your interest. In the next step, the assembling and the parameterization of the beescales are executed and as a final step there is the quality control.

The show room is the delivery place of the completed and prepared beescales to the customer after the functional presentation of the device and the detailed instructions and advice are given. Furthermore, there is the reception desk for all of you who want to have a closer look at the beescales to witness the high quality of its production and to be informed by our expertized personnel for its benefits

The administrative room is the base for every task that takes place in the company. It is the place where the money policy is decided, the orders are given and new functions and new products are proposed so as to be passed on to the laboratory.