Result of a long term effort of a professional beekeeper and a computer engineer , the beescales is an excellent quality solution for the distance observation of your cells. Assembled and fully parameterized in our new and modern laboratory, it consists a quality upgrade of your beekeeping equipment thus introducing a product to your hive that carries materials from the biggest international manufactures such as Microchip, TexasInstruments,Antenova,Vishay, TorexSemiconductor, ROHM Semiconductor.

The telematics electronic beescales consists of its cradle/ scales of the beehive (in H shape)which is connected through wires to the mother board in the central device of the scales. The board also consists of further collection and register tools, relevant to interior and exterior space of the cells.  These tools will register information such as:

  • Information related to the weight of bee cells, the temperature of the cells and the humidity of the exterior atmosphere.
  • Temperature of the compartment.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • GSM signal level indicator.
  • Complete parameterizations of all the functions via the customer’s cell phone through SMS.
  • The ability to send information to 2 numbers.
  • A programmed timed to send information through SMS. Real-time ability for a direct reception of information by just calling the telematics scales from your mobile phone or via sending an SMS from your mobile phone as well as from the programs of the time indicator.
  • Device autonomy in standby function for 14 months.
  • Given function through photovoltaic cells for a complete autonomy.
  • 2 positioned alarm system for antitheft protection through just a simple wire to as many cells as you wish.
  • Additional siren position set off during the breaking into.
  • The alarm function apart from the SMS, performs a call for higher safety in case that the customer does not see the SMS.


All the above data is sent through an SMS to the customer’s cell phone informing them for the current condition, stating the statistics data of the cells and the exterior space, but also any changes of indices from the last register. Moreover, there is the chance to send an extra warning message, out of the predetermined time limit informing for any abrupt changes in the register indices so that the beekeeper will perform the appropriate actions.

It is worth mentioning that the telematics scales apart from the fixed from the bee keeper function time or the interactive call for the data delivery, it also falls into sleep mode wasting the least possible this way, the device does not only waste less energy but it also emits less radiation resulting in no intervention in the bees’ production. Each scales come with dust and water approved protection (IP56).



The telematics electronic scales MZ2630 GPS gives important information to the bee hiver from a remote distance, without asking for their presence in the beehives’ location. This is achieved with the aid of cell communication through SMS messages.


It offers crucial information to the beekeeper about the interior and exterior condition of the beehives. The telematics scales gives weather condition information, namely the temperature and the humidity prevailing in the location of the beehives and also the temperature of the chamber helping the beehiver to act accordingly.

Through the daily measuring, accurate information about the exact amount of honey stored in the cells is given. This gives the option to assess if the area is appropriate for honey production. Daily evaluating the way the weigh changes we can achieve the maximum performance, harvesting our honey or in the condition of negative performance (weigh reduction) to easily decide if our hives need our attention.



✔it is manufactured completely with materials from Farnell and Mouser, two of the best producers in the field of electric appliances equipment.

✔ it boasts with a quality weight processor from Texas_instruments.

✔ it is supported by a preocessor of Atmel Cortex®-M0+ +Eeprom 64kb.

✔ the board’s assembling is made robotically.

✔ it has a two-zone alarm.

✔ the only one with electric fence monitoring

✔ it has a siren exit.

✔ it has a an activation- deactivation lock.

✔ it comprises an embedded battery Li-Po (10.000mAh) offering high autonomy with zero losses in the control of the beescales with incessant energy power.

✔ it has the minimum consumption.

✔ it has the biggest autonomy in the market, 14 months with 1sms / 24h  or 8 months with 3 sms/24h.

✔ the only one with embedded charger of a photovoltaic generator (PWM_Solar 6-42v)

✔ embedded GPS

✔ 3 years guarantee

✔ complete technical support and service

✔ open call line 08:00-22:00

✔ 100% Greek product

✔ an individual company of production and selling of telematics

✔receipt – invoice publishing